LJN Chapter 3

David Meets the College Students

("YES" Many Famous People have encountered an Alien)

But did he look like pictured above? I think NOT


Short Story Continued: re:The Origin of Man and the Universe

Note: This is chapter 3 of a story about a young Amish type man who is currently meeting a number of various people as he tends his vegetable stand. (For the first 2 chapters follow link at bottom of page).


Later that afternoon, a couple young men came walking by and one made a joking remark to David, "Hey man- you look like you're from another planet!" "Yeah- you need to get up to speed man!" said the other laughingly, "and trade that old horse into something with real horsepower" "Gentlemen" Responded David, "Do you have a moment to discuss this- for I do know an alien personally" they both stopped and turned toward him. "Seriously" David continued "You do know that an alien has definitely visited earth and its well documented". "Wow! he not only looks like a nut- he is one!", but the other said, "Wait a minute, Tom, I believe in UFO"s and all that, I want to hear about this- and we have a few minutes, tell us about it country boy", as they sat down on the grass next to David's vegetable stand". "OK " Tom said, IM ready for a good laugh, if its good enough we'll share it when we get back to the university this afternoon" "Oh, so you're going to college here, said David?, Yeah, my names Tom, I'm studying astronomy and Sam here is studying anthropology", Interesting David said, my experience with this alien relates to both of your courses", "How's that?" Sam said. "Well this alien explained to me all about the origin of the universe and man". "What were you tripping on" said Tom. 'The Spirit" "You mean the kind that comes out of a bottle?" "No the kind that comes from personal contact with this alien I want to tell you about". "Go ahead, enlighten us"

First of all guys, a little test question to see if you're up to speed. How would you define an "alien"? "We'll its a creature from another planet" said Tom, "Or a person from another country", said Sam. Not bad, and so essentially it's someone or some being from another place, and different from most of us, right? "Pretty much" they agreed. "Well, before I tell you specifically what this "alien" told me, let me ask you this next...Who would probably have a better perspective of the "big picture", us- who have never been off this planet, or a being from an observable distance that had even existed before the earth did?" "Point granted, continue", "So if an alien came here with credentials and super powers, and presented an explanation of all things and then left again- that'd be pretty impressive not? I mean he would definitely have a leg up on us, and all those that have been before that said they had something- but we buried them all and they'r still in their graves- right?"

"We'll Duh- so you met this alien?" "YES, I have, and I consider him even a personal friend of mine- and in fact I have some of his power" "Hello"! Come on Sam- this guys burnt!" Hold on, we'll get this guy- OK country bumpkin- what's your name" " David" "and by the way- Tom and I both are on the debating team and you're doubled-teamed right now! "Gentlemen- you talk like IM alone" "OK, that's right- I suppose your alien friend is here too- but he's invisible?"- "You guessed it"- "Fine, we'll take you both on- but no superpowers"- "Can' t guarantee that, because He usually intervenes especially if IM talking about Him". "This should be interesting".

OK, first tell us how you met this alien" "We'll my parents introduced him to me when I was a little boy". "Man- that's abuse scaring a kid like that". "It wasn't scary at all- just the opposite". "OK Tom here comes an ET story- did he keep telling you he wanted to go home too? "Actually, like in that movie, he had mixed emotions about that, but he did have some unfinished business back there to attend to- however he'll be back soon IM sure". "So, what did he explain to you about the origin of the universe and man? Did he confirm the "Big Bang" theory and the evolution of man over billions of years"? (and Sam added, sarcastically)... "And did he have glowing clothes, control thunder and lightning, and give super powers to his friends- yeah- like they could vanish and reappear and stuff"

"Yes he did on occasion as a matter of fact". "OK, so your parents found this Alien first?" "Yes, but there were many before them". "And all this has been covered up by the government I suppose"- "Boy that's the truth- they've tried to destroy the account more than once- including people who believed it or even talked about it!" "Man- NOT in America they wouldn't"- "Oh yes, you just try to bring documentation of this alien into a public place and see if the government, or the enemies who want this story squashed don't go nuts" "What documents?" "You see, before this alien even came here, there were a number of significant persons who had already made contact with Him thousands of years before he arrived, and He told them a lot of the details of what would happen to him". "I think I saw this movie- is this the one where they try to blast his space ship out of the air?"- "We'll they did kill him" "Oh, so its like ET where they kill him and he comes back to life and takes off into outer space or something"? "Something like that". "OK, sorry about the jokes David, so if your alien is legit tell us this incredible message he gave you of the explanation of all life and the universe? Because other than some philosophy, none of Hollywood's creations, or even these gurus running around for that matter, have answered that satisfactorily". "Just us scientists", (Tom interjected proudly), "We have all the answers".

"You do? Answer me this then Tom, How long does it take for something to come from nothing? "Huh?" "If there was absolutely nothing, I mean zero at one time, not even a single molecule, and not one iota of energy or life, how long would you have to wait for it to produce something? "Hello?...If it didn't exist than it could never produce anything! Duh" "Precisely!- well, does anything exist now?" "Yes, obviously", "OK, then something has always existed right"? "Can't argue that- but the question still remains- what is the original substance that must have always existed? "OK, if the something that always existed was totally void of energy, totally dead, could it have ever produced life or energy"? "Granted, no- it would take some degree of power, energy or life to produce more. Like you said, you don't get something from nothing no matter how long you wait". "Tom, are you as a quote young "scientist"- saying that something always existed and it always had some power, life or energy as well"? "Uh, hmm, ah, did I say that?". "Yeah he got us there".

"OK, beings I got you to concede that pretty much as irrefutable logic, let me ask you this, What would it take for a rock to become aware of itself?... "Hello? gentlemen? ...IM waiting...are you here?... IM not asking about creativity or intelligence- yet, IM talking about something we all have called self awareness. Is there anyway to make a non-living thing aware of itself as an independent, separate thinking entity? What would that program consist of?... and while you're working on that...

You know that the most vital element for life to continue is propagation? right? for if all things died out that would be the end. Now, consider if you were the designer of the first human being. You would of course, foremost then, want to perpetuate life and your creation, Therefore it would be very wise to create something extremely special and unique to compel your creation to reproduce. What are the odds that random chaos (the "scientific" explanation) would have come up with or thought of opposite sexes, and created that relationship of mating males and females, for variations of individuals, and also connect to it the most awesome of physical experiences in order to further that most vital element- the continuation of life?

Friend- these things are not accidents or coincidences, this can only be purposeful design. I submit, that you are not only stuck with the fact that something living and powerful has always existed, but that it is also intelligent and creative- because that's what we have now- and no matter how long you wait you don't get something from nothing. Hello? are you guys still here? you're not saying anything?

Your alien revealed this to you"? "Let me tell you more about this alien. If you saw bunch of ants surrounding the tire of a full-size loaded tanker truck and trying to move it to their nest because they discovered it was loaded with 50,000 pounds of maple syrup- what would be the best way to communicate to them the immensity of their problem? Would you maybe ah, write a sign on an index card and stick it down there against the tire? No? maybe you could send them all to your university to learn about trucking?... I got it, scrape up as many of them as possible and take them on a helicopter ride and try to point out to them their dilemma? NO, obviously, these ideas are ridiculous. The best solution, if you could, would be to become an ant, go down there amongst them, and try to explain to them what was going on and the only solution to their problem- IF they would believe you and not kill you first! and what if only you had the power to return as well in order to help them, if they would only trust you, and also warn them to quickly move away from that tire before it crushed them!".

(Tom and Sam looked at each other perplexed) "Pardon me, but your analogies are getting a little hard for us to follow". "I understand, ya know, that's what some of the first people the alien talked to said about his stories too. Lets change the subject then- How about law and punishment. Do you believe a society needs standards, or rules, and has the right to enforce them and punish violators? do you agree that people who knowingly harm innocent others, should suffer for that"? "Well, yeah", "Well then, if all of life had a designer and or creator, would it be such a stretch for him to expect certain standards from his subjects, and likewise administer justice when due? I mean this is not an alien concept is it?

Now, Lets suppose you're a judge and your teenage son comes before you charged with a capital offense, and you are the one that has to pass judgment on him according to the law, which you yourself had written and sworn to uphold with an oath. And now you have to justly pass sentence on him- knowing that there is no way he is able to pay for his crime except as mandated in your law- and that is with his very life! However, there is one exception in this case. You can take off your robe, temporarily divest yourself of your position, and go down there as his father, and vicariously suffer and pay for his crime with your life.

Does any of this sound vaguely familiar gentlemen?

("The soul that sinneth it shall die"Ezk 18:20 "But as many as received Him", (Jesus) "to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on His name" John 1:12) "For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in Him, should not perish but have everlasting life" John 3:16)

Tom and Sam Got up without saying a word and slowly walked away contemplating, one twisting at a few strands of his long hair, the other his beard.

J. Selby


Footnote: Why Does God take our sin so serious?!

(Sin, in God's eyes, is not quite as objectively understood as suggested in the above concept of justice, for it is in actuality, relative to our relationship with God, more spiritual in nature)

"Because Adam and Eve rebelled against God, they were cast out of the Garden of Eden. They could not just simply repent of their sin, ask forgiveness and regain paradise. No, sin was too scandalous, too polluting and too blinding for God to forgive on the basis of prayer alone. God is extremely, almost incomprehensibly, holy and pure. He "lives in an unapproachable light whom no one has seen or can see..."(1Tim.6:16NIV) He cannot tolerate evil. He is "of purer eyes than to behold evil, and canst not look on iniquity" (Hab.1:13) His holiness and righteous anger demanded that there be a just punishment. Either the guilty party, or an innocent substitute, would have to be punished. Have you ever been so angry because of something wrong someone did or said to you that you banged the table, kicked the door,etc. ? I remember as a rebellious youth making my father so mad that he picked up an oak stool and slammed it into a nearby fish bowl. I thought "that could have been me." Well, it is sort of like this with God, in whose image we are made, except His anger is always righteous and justified. God has chosen instead to take out His anger on an innocent substitute so that when a man sees that a life had to be taken because of his sin, he would get the idea that "that could and should have been me."



Have YOU encountered THIS alien yet? You should!

and you will- (as your judge or your savior)...

But...Are you ready?

Before the world knows the answer to the question "Is there life on other planets" they will know that Jesus Christ is the son of the living God at His Second Coming- and also realize that God created the heavens and the earth and put man and his creatures only on it. Genesis 1

"Therefore be ready! for at such a time as you'r not expecting it-

I WILL be back!"

(paraphrase of Mat.24:44)

"Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved" (Acts 16:31)


Might Jesus return in 2011?



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