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Many people consider themselves "Christians", and therefore they should be a living demonstration of Jesus (now) in their everyday lives. The life of Jesus and His Spirit should be manifesting through their lives for the world to behold.

But are they (we)?

"Christ" means the "anointed one", and Christians are to be those that are following Him. Are we Christians living like we are "Anointed followers of the anointed one"? or are we following the world, the flesh and the devil? It is written "Love not the world or the things that are in the world, if anyone loves the world the love of the Father is NOT in them. We are to be a sanctified (set apart) people of God, living a sacrificial Godly lifestyle.

Instead of the the Spirit of Christ most "Christians" are full of the spirit of the world with its misplaced priorities.

This site is designed to help the church establish a clear perspective of the priorities and lifestyle appropriate to genuine Christian living.

Its time we ask some hard questions... ?

What is wrong with these comparative pictures of how "Christians" are living? ("If a brother or sister be naked, and destitute of daily food, And one of you say unto them, Depart in peace, be ye warmed and filled; notwithstanding ye give them NOT those things which are needful to the body; what doth it profit? Even so faith, if it hath not works, is dead, being alone" Jams.2:16-17)

How about our communities: and our churches...

and what about our ministers, how are they living? and what are they preaching?

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Could this really be what the Spirit is saying to the contemporary church?

"ENOUGH! I have really quite had it with all their "teachings" and songs, it's like when the children of Israel were bringing me their sacrifices and burnt offerings, but had no heart for what I was really looking for from them- a broken and contrite spirit. Enough! with all their studies, and they can keep their praises too, leave their gift at the alter until their hearts are right, until they are first loving their brothers whom they can see. God desires mercy and truth from the heart and not to leave the other undone, for the whole law is accomplished in a broken humility, the heart of a servant in love with His master and one another. Leave your pretty houses, fine clothes, sweet music and worship in outward appearances, and crawl into the streets, considering your own selves, that were it not for the grace of God alone, you would have likewise been consumed. Go to the homeless, the druggies and the prostitutes, go to the starving children and breaking homes, the discouraged, the widows, those in prisons, those enslaved in sin- You don't need a bigger church, you need a bigger heart for the lost and dying, that's where you're robbing me by your covetousness. "Wherefore", you say, "Did we do this?" and I will say, "Depart from me, for I was hungry- and you were eating in fine restaurants, I was naked- and you were buying designer clothes, I was in prison and you were on your boat, I was destitute and you were dancing on carpeted floors, even offering praises that you thought I was receiving from you, but you were not worthy to offer them". (Isaiah 58:5, Mat. 25:23-31,1 John 4:20)


Oh children of God, let's face the real issues, true religion, let's get in touch with the heart of God, let's get a grasp of when our lives are worth while to Him, let's let the love we "claim" to have for Him be seen on the bottom line of manifestation- that of servitude, sacrifice and self-denial for others, a genuine sweet smelling sacrifice- with that He will not be displeased nor refuse our praises. Then, when the wine of true love is streaming from our broken hearts and bodies, we can enter His gates in jubilant song and in right relationship with our Lord, and He will receive us with a "Well done" and a smile, into the joy and warmth of His glory.

"If ye then be risen with Christ, (Truly born again- transformed!) seek those things which are above"(of eternal value)Col. 3:1


Would this brother be allowed to preach from their pulpits?

"There is no such thing as "Christian television", or "Christian concerts" and youth ministers feel they have to entertain the flesh of the youth the same way as the world does, and as adults consumed with the spirit of the gladiators with sporting events, a bunch of TV jello slugs with no work ethics...and these commercialized evangelists are just money changers that use the name of almighty God and Jesus- this is wickedness and an abomination! Following covetous practices. It doesn't matter what denomination they go by, if the women are dressed up like jezebels and the men pursuing the latest fashions- thats not living the life of Jesus! who are you trying to kid? So many of these are in harlot Protestant churches- daughters of the "mother whore"- its the late false church system, and God says "come out of her my people"- get back to simplicity, get back to God, get back to the Bible, get back to holiness, and virtues like righteousness, purity and meekness!

The world and the worldly church says live for yourself, but Jesus says to die to yourself. They say be comfortable, and Jesus says to suffer. The world says gain and attain, and Jesus says to forsake all- can you see the difference? Jesus is trying to get through to you to forsake, the world says join us, and Jesus says separate.. These so called modern Christians are committing spiritual adultery.

These apostate churches are teaching another God, another Jesus, NOT the Jesus of the Bible. The Jesus of the Bible is not a santa clause, this bless me buffet God is not the true Jesus who says to deny yourself. Try to preach this in your church, send a real prophet of God into any popular church for a week and he'll empty the thing out, that is if the fat-cat pastor doesn't run him off first. These fat-cat pastors with their preferred parking spaces, and their big'ol cars, you know its hard to remain humble friend when you're coming to church in your Lincoln continental into your preferred parking space! Jesus said to "Deny Yourself", John the Baptist said "He must increase but I must decrease"- but its the opposite in the churches, the pastors are increasing, they're increasing in their popularity, they're increasing in their income, in they're living and in everything they're doing! Are today's pastors any better than John the Baptist? No- ten thousand times no! Jesus said there is not a greater man than John the Baptist.

You see these pastors don't like to lose people, because when they lose people they lose money, that's right, money-M_O_N_EY so you see they are very careful not to offend people with hard words. Even their so-called strong meat, which they may serve occasionally, is so marinated, tenderized and ground into hamburger its without effect. But when Jesus preached the way of God in truth without compromise and without respect of persons- most people hated it. Just like most people can't stand this kind of preaching. (Except for a few- the remnant).

IM sick and tired of hearing pink preachers preaching pink sermons from pink Bibles- and the end result is pink congregations!

God is looking for men with backbone, and full with the Holy Ghost, to preach the word of God with the fire of a prophet. God help me to be a man of God and preach to you the truth from the Bible. Jesus said "I am the way the truth and the Life". Its not AMway- its I AM the way, I'm preaching to you the love of Got not the perverted pink gospel of God loovveess you- but of YOU loving God".

Bro. Steve Mayo (message abbreviated and paraphrased)

How many preachers today have the backbone to preach the unadulterated word of God regardless of what their congregations might say? FEW! because they are too entangled in this ungodly culture.


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